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LaMarriia: The New Face of Bodycare



All over the world, beauty products are in abundance. And when it comes to skincare, there are just too many brands to keep up with. Unfortunately, a large majority of today's leading skin and body care products contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that are purely detrimental to your skin and the environment. As a skincare consumer, you should have access to the best and purest products for the health of your body. 


A healthy skin care routine cannot be complete without body exfoliants. Quality exfoliants can gently detox your skin of pore-clogging dead cells, oils, and makeup residue. Consistent body exfoliation and moisturization can give your skin the chance to breathe better and develop a healthy glow. 

Using a cheap or even low-quality body exfoliant does more harm than good. Determined by the ingredients in exfoliator you use, premature aging, excessive dryness, and micro tears in the skin are all common risks. 
Scary, right? Your exfoliator should be natural, cruelty-free, plant-based, gentle, and restoring. These types of skincare will actually help you eliminate dull skin and keep lines and wrinkles in check. If your current skincare products do not meet the criteria stated above, you need a change. 
That's where LaMarriia comes into play.

Welcome to LaMarriia – where natural and pure exfoliants are accessible to every and all skin types.

Coming from a small, independent company that's committed to producing completely natural skin care, LaMarriia's exfoliants, the Body Scrub Bars, are exemplary by all standards. The Body Scrub Bars, available in strawberry and coconut oats options, are specially formulated to pamper even the most sensitive skin. These body exfoliants are for all, but particularly fitting for individuals that are interested in healthy and minimalistic lifestyles. 

That's right, the Body Scrub Bars are dual-sided. The top of the Bar is the exfoliation side that gently removes dirt and dead skin cells from the pores, while the bottom of the Bar acts as a moisturizer and seals hydration back into the skin. They completely eliminate the financial and physical stress of buying and using separate exfoliators and moisturizers. Made with rich, natural ingredients such as freshly grounded coconut and oats fused with vitamins, these Bars have everything it takes to even protect your skin against UV rays. 

In addition to the benefits of using these exfoliants, the Strawberry and CoCo Oats Body Scrub Bars are available in different forms.  Based on your personal preference, you can find LaMarriia's Body Scrub Bars in scented and fragrance-free options.

LaMarriia is the newest face of skincare, and we're here to stay.  While there are not hundreds of available exfoliators at the moment, the quality of the ones you can find on our website,, speak for themselves. Here at LaMarriia, you will certainly find the right natural, pure, and simple products for your skin. 

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